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“When two opponents of equal strength and technique fight it off, it is what is in their heart, and how they use their mind that will decide who will win.”

– Bruce Hyland

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Gerhard who is the main instructor currently holds a 5th Dan black belt in TaeKwonDo (WTF) with countless prestigious awards and has experience in various Martial Arts which include Krav Maga and Hapkido.

– Gerhard Groenewald

About The Academy

The Centurion Taekwondo Academy was founded and established by Gerhard Groenewald on the 26 July 2010, and is a proud member of the South African Taekwondo Federation, who is a recognized by the South African Department of Sport & Recreation, South African Confederation and Olympic Committee, World Taekwondo, Kukkiwon. And Centurion Taekwondo is also a proud member of the Kwanjangdo Martial Arts Academy, governed under Kwanjangnim Eun Woo Lee (9th Dan).

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My kids have been with this club for 3 years... Gerhard is an awesome instructor... They have grown so much in confidence and definitively know how to protect themselves. Will recommend this club to anyone looking to do martial arts. Very disciplined and skilled. 5 Stars to them!!
Awesome instructor that really cares for his students. Will recommend for people wanting to get their kids healthy, active and learn discipline. The students love the sport while learning to protect themselves. Also great for parents wanting to get their kids into a anti bullying program.

About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is governed by Kukkiwon, a Korean organization that regulates training and certifications of taekwondo practitioners.
Outside Kukkiwon, there are two primary taekwondo organizations: WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) and ITF (International Taekwon-do Federation). There are some differences between WTF and ITF schools, including sparring rules and traditional poomse (forms). In addition, the WTF governs Olympic taekwondo. Centurion Taekwondo Academy.

Gerhard Groenewald

5th Dan black belt

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